Sunday, 17 June 2018

Green/Gold Award presentation!

On Friday the 15th of June, Gore Main School received their new sign that identifies them as a Green/Gold Enviro-School!  The sign was presented by Pat Hoffman (Enviro-Schools coordinator Southland).  The whole school was involved in the presentation and were organised into a diamond shape (a STAR was too difficult!).  The Enviro-Council kneeled on either side of the front peak and Mrs M accepted the sign on behalf of Gore Main School, and the Enviro-Council.  After the presentation Pat Hoffman and Tania (comms team Environment Southland) took photos and interviewed the Enviro-Council.  The Enviro-Council spoke about their next steps.  It was a great presentation and afternoon!  

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Propogating Plants over the WInter!

Enviro-Council Fry Up!

Treemendous Trees Makeover

The Enviro-Council is in the process of applying for a $10,000 Treemendous Trees makeover!  It is an application process and the best application wins!  We hope it is Gore Main School!

The Enviro-Council made a video to talk about and show our plan.  The Enviro-Council want to build board walks from the Adventure World entranceway to the different learning locations around Adventure World, i.e., the Hen Hilton, the vegetable gardens etc.  These pathways would be raised up and might even be able to have a bridge!  There would be signposts to show people the way.  On either side of the board walk pathways there would be native plantings that would attract bugs and insects for our hens and for our learning.  The reason pathways was selected by the council was because pathways can be used to represent the beginning, middle and end of learning journeys and they can go off in different directions (a bit like learning)!  In an old area (that used to be a trench) we want to make a seating area with native plantings around it for children to relax in.  Fingers and toes crossed everybody.

Here is our video application for the Treemendous Trees makeover!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Green/Gold Award celebratory cake!

Here is the cake that we had made to celebrate our Green/Gold Enviro-Schools award.  It certainly tasted of success!

Monday, 30 April 2018

Green - Gold Reflection Day Video

Check out this movie that captures some of the activity that occurred on Green-Gold Reflection Day!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Green Gold Reflection Day!

On Thursday the 12th of April 2018, Gore Main School had a very special day.  We reflected to make the decision if we had reached Enviro-School's GREEN/GOLD level.

We are excited and proud to report that...

Gore Main School is now a Green/Gold Enviro-School!  

It was an all day affair and everybody had a wonderful day.  We had a range of visitors who attended at various times throughout the day, e.g., ex Gore Main School pupils Ben Hargest, Talia Moody and Claudia Mardon, Environment Southland regional co-ordinators, and the Honorable Tracy Hicks, Mayor of Gore.  These people listened to our stories, asked us questions about our journey and helped guide our final decision.

Here is a photo of some of the attendees with names below...

Front row  LtoR
Mark Oster (ES), Pat Hoffman (ES), Julie Chisholm (BOT), Marion McFadzien (BOT) Mary Miller, Sarah McKenzie, Nicola Millar, Hayley Hannigan (PTA), Robyn Zink (ES), Nicky Gray (ES), Nic Grant (BOT), Marie Scully (Longford Intermediate)

Middle Katia Collins, Jai Pearce,  Fiona Young (ES)          Jade Anderson, Maia Peterson

Back row LtoR
Bella Moody, Tasha Chittock, Chloe Shackell, Talia Moody, Claudia Mardon, Alex Mardon, Briyden Turnbull, Devlin Grant, Quinn Morrison, Sam Copland, Carter Grant, Johnny Galog, Jaimee Tonner
The groups involved in the day were:
GDC (Mayor), Environment Southland Councillor Jeremy McPhail, Enviro-Schools co-ordinators and facilitators from Otago and Southland, GMS PTA, GMS BOT, Longford Intermediate teachers and ex students, GHS ex student, GMS Staff and children.

The day began with a very special welcoming assembly.  The Enviro-Council for 2018 hosted this assembly.  The Enviro-Council shared slide shows about how the Enviro-Stars are shown at Gore Main School.  These presentations really showed how embedded the Enviro-Stars (Guiding Principles) are in the day to day activities at Gore Main School.  The guests were treated to a fantastic dance performance of "STAYIN ALIVE" from last year's concert which connects to sustainability.  Here are some pictures of the Enviro-Council leading the Green/Gold assembly with their presentations in the background.  They truly did a fantastic job representing Gore Main School.  

After the assembly we toured around the school with our special guests.  The Enviro-Council spoke about their involvement and learning in projects around the school, such as Adventure World, the Tranquility Garden, the Diversity Wall etc.  While we were on the tour we planted out a special Green/Gold STAR garden with green and gold tulips as a way to remember the day.  The Green/Gold STAR garden is located in the car park and is a great symbolic reminder of the hard work that has occurred at Gore Main.

STAR GARDEN - Representing the Enviro-Stars along with our Green/Gold Enviro-Schools status

After touring and talking about many of the things we get up to at Gore Main School we went to Wonder World (our school library) to have morning tea and to reflect some more.

Visiting other classrooms - Here is Tuakana/Teina occurring!

Room 7 planting seeds

As part of the day we visited various classrooms around the school.  In Room 7 they were planting seeds!

Enviro-Stars and the Green/Gold Kaupapa

After a full day of talking and thinking we all decided that we are in fact a GREEN/GOLD Enviro-School.  The Enviro-Stars are embedded in our day to day life at Gore Main School.  When we read through the Green/Gold kaupapa we were able to confidently say that each statement in this paragraph is relevant to Gore Main School.  It was very obvious that Gore Main School has come a long way in their Enviro-Schools journey. The day was very beneficial because it gave us a chance to talk about our successes and also to think carefully about where we are going NEXT!  A big thank you to everybody who has been involved in this journey.  There has been many, many people.  What a terrific community Gore Main School has!  Thanks again!

Congratulations Gore Main School.  
You are a GREEN/GOLD Enviro-School!